During a database restore the Java client prompted me with a success message and i clicked ok to close the window. Tried logging back into the java client and got an error message "server cannot be contacted" ... Weird!

Rebooted the server from command line because it could be a process or thread that needed to terminate gracefully. When the server came back online, i ran the command "status all" and all processes are not running other than ssh and db.  ran command "startup server" and got error:

one or more processes terminated abnormally ...


Before you proceed make sure you have access to the latest database backup otherwise contact Redseal Support.

In command line run command:

data reset

to factory reset the RedSeal appliance. When the device comes back online populate the password prompts as instructed. When complete log into the

Java client > Admin > Database > Restore

and restore back to your latest image. Be patient and do NOT reboot during restoration even if the Java client states that it cannot contact server.

To get metric on restoration duration, run;

show logfile server | include restore complete