Created TACACs account in prime to pull down configurations from Prime using API into an application but kept getting error:

RSPluginException: Possible rate limit of requests reached on Cisco Prime server.  Refer to RedSeal Plugin Guide about Cisco Prime's property file to adjust rate limit.  Also, refer to Cisco Prime's API Guide for more details about rate limiting.  Status code: 503 | get method failed: HTTP/1.1 50

Checked ACS and saw account passing authentication and authorization but still unable to pull down the configurations from path which was defined using a wildcard.


Error code 503 refers to service unavailable because the servers are up but overloaded with request. Recommendations usually are to try again or increase the rate limit


Create account locally in Prime and remove from ACS, then confirm that the account had permissions:

nbi Read

nbi credentials

Also made sure that Primes timeout rate was increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds and that solved the issue