Issues with RedSeal Java Client

If you are experiencing issues with your RedSeal Java client for example tabs missing or tab not displaying content. Check the client computer logs to see if any of the required installation ports are being blocked C:\Users\user1\redseal

Clearing Java application Cache

Working with a Java dependent application, i started experiencing issues with the GUI, pages were missing and items were no longer being displayed. Since i had not changed configurations in the application, it was time to troubleshoot; Power cycle the

Using JDBC 4.0 in read-only SQL server deployment

Scenario: Attempting to run queries against a SQL database with a 100% availability SLA. Issue: Possible table locks caused by competing calls from third party and native SQL queries. Which may negatively impact SLA Solution: Create a secondary SQL database

JMX user authentication

Java Management eXtensions technology provides a simple and standard way of managing and monitoring resources related to an instance of a Java Virtual Machine. It is disabled by default and when enabled it generally does not require authentication. This post

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