F5 pcap capture and Wireshark review

I have been troubleshooting some virtual server site issues lately and could not find the commands to trail the logs when accessing the site. So this post is to store the commands that I found useful for easy review in

Citizen Developer

I came across this term on PMI.org when learning about how to manage digital transformation in project management. Who is a Citizen Developer you ask, this is someone who is not a technical developer but understands how to use

Log4j Vulnerability

TL:DR Apply vendor recommended patch updates released within the last few days Content: Until last Friday I was not familiar with Apache Log4j but I have learned that it makes use of Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) to

Eliminating bias in tech speak

I always wondered why it was allowed to used term such as master / slave in tech speak when describing 'Write' 'Read' appliance architectures. When I inquired, most times the response will be - that is what the vendor calls them.

Change Management

One thing that is constant in project management is change. One of the projects I have been leading lately has gone through more than three changes in a month. It was very busy and stressful but following the prescribed change

HIPAA Compliance focus areas

Much has been written on HIPAA so i will not replicate that here. This is a high level summary to easily address the different areas of focus; HIPAA compliance is following the administrative, technical and physical safeguards  outlined in the

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