One thing that is constant in project management is change. One of the projects I have been leading lately has gone through more than three changes in a month. It was very busy and stressful but following the prescribed change management process from the Project Management Institute made it a successful experience.

The five building blocks of successful change are;

A - Awareness
D - Desire
K - Knowledge
A - Ability
R - Reinforcement

As we all know there is always some resistance to any form of change. He are some prescribed solutions to deal with change resistance:

  1. Listen, understand objections and remove barriers
  2. Focus on the what and explain that to the client how they benefit
  3. Demonstrate evidence of benefits in a tangible way
  4. Explain consequences in simple and clear language
  5. Be positive and create a sense of hope
  6. Make personal appeals
  7. Convert the strongest dissenters to be your main champions
  8. Provide incentives

There is no one size fits all, so feel free to use any combination from the solutions above that works with your team to complete the task on time and within budget.

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