Java Management eXtensions technology provides a simple and standard way of managing and monitoring resources related to an instance of a Java Virtual Machine. It is disabled by default and when enabled it generally does not require authentication. This post is how to enable JMX and enforce authentication.

Follow instructions from this link to deploy these three files;

jmxremote access, jmvremote password and nodetool password with permission 400 for cassandra

confirm that the authentication is working by running the nodetool status check which should generate this message

[dev01 ~]$ /PATH/cassandra_instance_0/bin/nodetool status error: Authentication failed! Credentials required -- StackTrace -- java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication failed! Credentials required at at at$AccessFileCheckerAuthenticator.authenticate(

error: Authentication failed! Credentials required


you can also use the instructions on this link to verify using jconsole (GUI)

when done right, you will get a pop up window with the error;

Connection Failed: Retry? The connection to 192.168.x.x did not succeed ...