Eliminating bias in tech speak

I always wondered why it was allowed to used term such as master / slave in tech speak when describing 'Write' 'Read' appliance architectures. When I inquired, most times the response will be - that is what the vendor calls them.

Turning on FIPS mode in Palo Alto

SSH to the and use credentials admin admin to authenticate type command debug system maintenance-modetype ' y ' to confirm. The device will reboot. SSH back into the device. The login credential will have changed. The

Cannot find PanOS uploaded in GUI

Upgrading to a new version of PanOS but cannot download the OS directly from the update site. Therefore, I manually uploaded the new PanOS. But after the firewall confirmed that the image was successfully updated, it does not display it

Change Management

One thing that is constant in project management is change. One of the projects I have been leading lately has gone through more than three changes in a month. It was very busy and stressful but following the prescribed change

Helpful Palo Alto console commands

To unset xml output to general text output set cli config-output-format set Enter configuration mode configureGet all interface configurations while in config mode run show interface allGet specific interface configuration such as the management interface run show interface managementApply IP

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