The documented process by vendor is; Log into CLI;

  1. Set hostname
Set hostname <desired redseal device hostname>

2. Enter

create self-certificate

3. populate the fields as require and Enter to proceed

4. Log into Java client and navigate to Edit > System Settings > Server/Certificate > Generate Certificate Request

5. Send the certificate to be sign by the Organization certificate authority.

6. After signing the CSR, install it in the Install Certificate Authority Certificate section of the Server Certificate in System Settings

7. Then install the signed CSR in the Install Server Certificate section also.

8. Admin > Server > Restart


When trying to install the signed CSR in the Install Server Certificate in step 7, you encounter this error. Unable to install certifcate. The connection of trust from the root certificate authorities to this certificate has not been made. Install appropriate certificates to establish the trust


Run command to see which CA Trust the RedSeal device is using so that you can export the correct certificate in the solution step.

show certificates | include catrust


Request the Root or Intermediate certificate from the signing team based on the CA used to sign the CSR. Or navigate to an internal site using the organization's root certificate and export the correct certificate from the browser. Then use that certificate in step 7