Get trial license or purchase license from Checkmarx for OSA, the use the license imported under Checkmarx installation path/ license importer/CxlicenseImporter.exe

Assumption:  you are already running Checkmarx CxSAST because OSA is an additional feature.

Login as administrator, navigate to path; Management/Application Settings/ General

Click edit button at the bottom left of the window and scroll over to the OSA settings section. Accept the EULA  and click Update. You will be presented with two OSA scan options, choose the one that works best for you.

Great OSA is now activated!!

To test it navigate to the Consolidated Project Sate

/Dashboard/Project/name of project scroll over to the open source analysis (OSA) window and click Run OSA. If the open source library path has not been defined it will prompt you to point it to that location.

When it's done, the OSA window will generate an analysis results which you can view through the OSA viewer by clicking the View Analysis Results hyperlink. In the OSA viewer is will list all the libraries, their versions, severities, license type and legal risk

Enjoy OSA  :)